Creating colour, texture and form in a room

8 April, 2016 Sharon Samuel
Creating colour, texture and form in a room

I love spring; it is the time of year you will notice all the flowers beginning to bloom. It is also the time of year I was born, a spring baby.

I love seeing the tulips and daffodils, spring up in our gardens and along the footpaths. I have a few pots with new growth, shooting up in my garden. My garden is low maintenance with slabs and decking. I am planning on adding a few raised beds in the near future, to have more flowers and greenery in my garden. I just love colour.


This is also the time of year that most of us declutter, spring clean and redecorate our homes.If you are looking for inspiration on how to revamp a room look no further. Most of us may think you need a expert to help you to chose the right decor for your room, but you don’t. I will tell you how you can be your own expert. I am no expert by no means, but I have a fairly good understanding on how its done, from courses, books and magazines.

This is the time of the year; we can use our environment for inspiration. There is how you can start, by following my guide to creating and inviting room.

  • Go for a walk: take your camera with you
  • Take photos of any thing that draws your attention
  • Look at travel, nature, fashion magazines, art, theatre, films, TV and buildings
  • These are rich resources that can influence – colour, textures, taste, and scents that will appeal to our senses
  • Colour, textures, scents, lighting, shapes can all create an atmosphere and mood in a room.
  • Using all the above information you have gather, you can now create a concept board

Would you like to create your own concept board?

 Here is how you can:

  • Gather all your inspiration – photos, magazine tear outs and so fort
  • Lay these out on a table or big space
  • Get A4 OR A3 sheet of card, self healing cutting mat, ruler, scalpel, double sided tape, white card and mount board (black or white)
  • Think of 3 words that spring to mind, that you would like your room to feel like i.e. light, airy, quirky
  • Choose from your images, what best illustrates your key words
  • Play around with your images creating a mind map or a collage
  • Pick a few images (6-8) that best fits with your 3 key words
  • Cut out images using a scalpel, ruler and self healing mat
  • Mount cut images on white card, leaving images with a boarder
  • Mount your boarded images on A3 mount board either black or white
  • Next step start sourcing your furniture and finishes, based on the textures, colours and forms from your concept board.

This is how I was taught to create a concept board, there may be another way of doing it out here. In a later post I will demonstrate how to create a concept and mood board.

Here is a photo of room I did, using this process:



Please let me know how you get on with your project,by leaving a comment.

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