My soft furnishings work room

12 March, 2016 Sharon Samuel
My soft furnishings work room

When we moved up to the West Midlands from London my priority was obviously finding somewhere to live. But I was very clear that it had to have space for a workroom for my soft furnishings business.  Not only do I love to make items for my customers, but I also make soft furnishings for my own home and for friends and family.

It’s taken a little while to get everything how I want it, but I’m now happy to show you around my workroom.  It’s still a bit of a work in progress – but what workroom isn’t?

Obviously I had to make sure I had plenty of storage and you can see that I’ve got some built in storage to house my supplies and magazines, pictures and other resources to show my customers. It’s so important to show customers a good selection of ideas so that they can formulate their own style. Keep an eye on my social media, because I will also be using Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram to showcase my ideas.


I have a lot of fabric samples to show customers and I have been able to hang these samples so that customers can see the colours and fabric textures to their best advantage.  I also keep a good stock of haberdashery items which I have put into bins and storage boxes so that I can find them when I need them. All of this is designed to be quite portable, so it means that once I have spoken to a customer and got some idea of what they would like, I can take samples when I go to their home to meet them and they can choose colours and textures that match what they already have in their home, or perhaps something completely new if they want a change. It also means that if a customer has asked me to create a mood board for them, then I can have a lot of items to hand with which to build it.

I also have a separate area where I store my inspirational books, paperwork and supplies like threads, needles, scissors and other sewing supplies. Also on the walls are my qualifications from the courses I attended at the National Design Academy (NDA), the KLC School of Design in London and my BTEC certificate.

As anyone who has made soft furnishings will tell you, a large table is an absolute necessity to cut out fabric – especially curtains. However, one of my other passions is teaching others how to sew and make beautiful things for their home, so I am looking forward to introducing classes and workshops – all of which will happen around my large cutting table. I am also planning to make this available for people to hire if they need space they just don’t have themselves at home to layout their own projects. Keep an eye on this blog page and my Facebook page for announcements on details of my upcoming soft furnishing training and workshops.

I also needed space for my machines (which I’ll talk about in a separate blog post) – what soft furnishing lover doesn’t have more than one sewing machine?

Obviously it was very important for me to have plenty of light in my workroom and you will see that I have strong overhead lighting and also a lot of lamps around the room.

So, that is a whistle-stop tour around my home furnishings workroom – I’m sure it will grow and change over time, but I look forward to welcoming you into my space.  Do you have a workspace for your sewing at home?  How have you organised it?

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